Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hey!Today I'm gonna review this lovely jumper.It is super soft and warm,perfect for fall and winter.It is loose and well-developed jumper.It take me a week to get these photos posted(well done Lilla).I've been quite busy recently.
Thank you Blue Vanilla for this jumper,I really love it!Go check them out.

lady gaga


Friday, November 07, 2014

Hello there!
What's up?Nothing new?Well guess what!
I was in Vienna last Lady Gaga's ArtRAVE concert.
It was AMAZING,the scenery was completely different that I imagined,developed.
When we arrived in Vienna,the weather was very cold.
There was so many 'little monsters',they was very kind and friendly.
They came from many places like Poland,Hungary,Croatia,Serbia,Germany...
When I in the Stadhalle I had a perfect place,the problem was that I had to stand for like 4-5 hours(from the beginning).
At the end I really enjoyed because Gaga was like 50cm front of me. :)
Here are some pictures/videos from that night, enjoy:

Who is your favorite singer?



Friday, August 29, 2014

These are a selection of my most used products in August.

Schwarzkopf /Gliss Hair Repair

This stuff is amazing.I bought it for around 5  euro in DM.
I have been using this everytime I've washed my hair .
It makes the hair softer and easy to style.And of course it smells yummy too.

Moyra Nail Polish

Accidentally I removed the code,so now I do not know how this color 'called'.
As you can see it's a nude color,which is my favorite right now.
Why am I so obsessed with this?Because it dries fast.But the main problem is that you have to put two coat.
Price: around 2-2.5€

 Maybelline Affinitone Concealer

Perfectly conceals dark circles under the eyes. It has a very convenient applicator.Natural effect.(Mine is 02 natural )

Arizona Tea

I tried them last year when my bestie bought me one.As they say :Love at first sight,I am still addicted to these teas.Thumbs up for Arizona!
Go check out my besite's blog: classystyler

What is your favorite product in this month? 

So those are my August Favorites.
Have a lovely day. 



Monday, June 23, 2014

I've been back for a long time.(1 year).I apologies for that,I had a weird year.
So,back to my blog,I'm going to start with my WISHLIST-summer edition.

   Something I'd wear on the beach, 
The first swimwear: This swimwear has that water effect,with a light blue and white color combination.
The second swimwear:Pretty dark pink,with decorative raw fringes at the front.
The third swimwear.This bikini is elegant and simple at the same time.

The Jersey dress: You can wear this when you going out with your friends,or anytime if you want.
Patterned dress:I would wear this dress on Friday night or at party.
Maxi dress: well,this one is hard to say where can you wear opinion is that would be perfect for ceremony. 

Inspiration from H&M

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